Today’s recommended blog post is from the website of the great Podcast, Pro Photography Show.

This is a fantastic all-round site, and superb Podcast, and I definitely recommend that you subscribe!

Anyway, back to my recommendation….. shoot over to the Pro Photography Show website and have a read of their post; ‘Be A Better Photographer in 90 Seconds – One Line Tips

The post, by Gavin Seim, of Seim Studios, and creator of the totally superb Photoshop Lightroom presets Seim Effects, highlights 21 of the ‘simple to remember, but easy to forget’ tips that should always be at the forefront of our photography.

PostScript: I realise this is completely off-topic, but if you are a photographer that uses Adobe Lightroom, or Photoshop, please click over to this page at Gavin’s brother, Grant and his wife, have recently lost their newborn son, due to birthing complications and Gavin has developed a set of fantastic presets, actions and so much more, that he’s selling on the SeimEffects website to help support his family at this time of great sorrow. Thank You.