As many of you will know, I love to look at Macro photography images, and aspire to be half as good as some of the photographers I admire.

'Wasp' © 2011 - Omid Golzar

During my regular search through the Internet’s corridors, I came across a Photographer that is definately worthy of recognition.

The Photographer’s name is Omid Golzar, and a selection of his truly stunning insect and arachnid images can be found at 500px. If you, like me, are blown away be the inticasies of this miniture World, I really suggest you pay a visit to his Portfolio.

BTW: If any of you guys can recommend any ‘little-known’ photographers I should be highlighting, please let me know.

In the meantime, here’s a selection of almost 200 superb macro images to inspire you, from all across the Web.