I am always on the look out for small, powerful applications that can save me a few minutes every time I need to complete simple, yet laborious tasks.

This wonderful little piece of software from Stunt Software is called Downsize and has saved me so much time over the last couple of weeks, that I just have to let everyone know about it!

Now, before I get started, I have to say that this software is only for the Mac, so unfortunately, there are a lot of Windows users that will still have to do this the hard way ( or buy a MacBook 😉 ).

Anyone who has a Photo Blog, A portfolio site, a Flickr account, etc., etc., will inevitably at some stage want to re-size their images for the Web, maybe add a watermark, or signature to the images, or maybe even make the image look like a printed photo on the screen.

You can, of course do all these things using pretty much any of the popular graphics software, eg: Photoshop, PSP, etc. but, even if you design a template that will provide all these things, you will still need to re-size the images first, line them up in the template, save the file, then start the process all over again for the next image… Possible, but not very practical!

That’s where this smart piece of software goes into a world of its own.

You take, maybe 30 seconds setting up your default size…

Then you take maybe 30 seconds adding the watermark, or copyright info…

Then you spend perhaps 2 minutes designing your border, or frame…

Once that’s done, you simply need to select the folder containing the images you want to change, and press the ‘Process Images’ button!

Viola! in less than 5 minutes you can completely transform anything from one image that is sitting on your ‘Desktop’, to a complete iPhoto library of images in one click.

The images above were screenshots that I quickly passed through the software, making them all the same size, and all with a frame that makes them look much more pleasing to the eye.

If you’d like to know more, you can download a trial of the software, or just purchase it from the Stunt Software Store. It’s only $19.99 ( about £13.00!)