“Are your camera settings getting you confused?”
“Do you want to get much more from your photography, but don’t know how to go about it?”

One of the best places to start is www.ProPhotoInsights.net.

On the site you’ll find downloadable and very affordable training videos covering everything from…

an ‘Introduction To Digital Photography’

Master Your Camera And Get Creative In 51 Minutes. This photography tutorial video is aimed at digital photography for beginners.


to… Composition In Photography Masterclass Part 1 “Perspective Control”

Got Great Camera Equipment ? Getting Well Exposed Images? Images Still Lacking Something? Composition Is A Major Key To Producing Images With Impact. Lets Face It A Well Exposed Boring Image Is Still Boring !


to… Workflow & Archiving Images

In this digital photography tutorial video they’ll show you their workflow for both finding and archiving their images.



A personally like The Making Of” Creating Monochrome Masterpieces it is 2hrs 17 minutes of creative photography & black white retouching videos. You will step behind the scenes with award winning photographer Simon Plant both on the shoot, right through to image completion.

“The Making Of” Creating Monochrome Masterpieces contains over 2 Hours of High Quality Quicktime Movies To Download.

Some Topics Covered in This 3 Part Video Training

  • Simple Lighting with Flashguns
  • Simple Camera Set Up
  • Infared
  • Copy & Pasting Channels
  • Painting in Depth
  • Selective Sharpening
  • Adding Two Layer Grain
  • Colouring With Gradient Maps
  • Curves For Colour
  • Painting in Colour Tints
  • Intensifying Blacks
  • Digitally Dropping The Focus
  • Replacing The Sky
  • Masking & Refining The Mask
  • Retouching Arkward Shadows
  • Intensifying Skin Texture

This is a chance to look over the shoulder of an award winning photographer with over two decades of experience.

Be taken step by step visually through the image creation process and start creating stunning timeless images of your own.

This course is an absolute steal at only £9.99!

You can download and watch many great online digital tutorials, including all the ones listed above at www.prophotoinsights.net with award winning photographer Simon Plant.