In today’s post, we’re going to look at starting a photography project.

For any of you that haven’t read my earlier post, that this post relates to, you can find it here.

From time-to-time, every photographer gets stuck in a rut and struggles for interesting ideas to re-generate their enthusiasm.

Starting a photography project can be a great way to do that. A project is simply a way to make theme based images that can focus your attention and help keep you passionate about photography generally.

A personal photography project can be based on anything you like. It’s entirely up to you and can be as definitive, or abstract as you wish.

Every person’s project will be slightly different, even if the broad subject matter is the same. Whatever you choose to focus on, the initial process to start a project is the same.

  • Start by choosing a subject;
    • The subject you choose can be anything you like, it can also be very specific,  like ‘clocks‘,or very generalised like ‘Architechture‘.


  • Choose the parameters you want to work to;
    • These parameters can be strict, or vague, it’s up to you. Do you want a project that can be done solely indoors? Would you prefer to have to go outside, or travel to find the shots? Do you want a deadline? Are you going to post your images, or blog about what you are learning? Are you going to set a time limit, or specifications for each image? Remember, the rules you set are entirely up to you.


  • Start shooting!
    • Once you’ve decided on your subject, pick up your camera and start.


To help you out, I’ve listed a few ideas below. Have a look through and even if none of them create a spark, they should give you a jump-start to finding your own project idea.

  • The Weather
    • The one thing you can always count on, it’s that there will always be weather! The fun is in finding new ways to record it. Have a look at the Weather Photos Group on Flickr for some ideas.




  • The Alphabet
    • This project can have different interpretations. You could concentrate on one specific letter and take an image of different places that letter is displayed, or take an image of items that appear to form the shape of different letters (like a tyre for the letter ‘O’, or a level crossing sign for the letter ‘X’). You could even try to find items that start with each letter of the alphabet.



  • Colour
    • This is a nice simple project idea. Just choose a colour and make photographs of objects that are that colour, or photograph things that show different colours.




  • Rust,Wrecks & Ruins
    • Rust and patina makes for some very interesting images. You’ll also find examples in pretty much every place on the planet.



  • Shapes
    • Another idea that can be as simple, or challenging as you like. For example, you could choose to photograph items that are naturally formed into different recognisable shapes, or pick a shape and photograph objects that are shaped like your selection.



  • Signs
    • Take photos of interesting signage. They could be road signs, information signs, shop signs, etc.



  • Reflections
    • Don’t just stick to reflections in water, you can get some very interesting images from reflections in mirrors, shop windows, metal, etc.



  • Food
    • Food photography is very en-vogue at the moment. You could photograph meals, or ingredients, etc.




  • Utensils & Cutlery
    • Your kitchen is filled with photographic opportunity. You could maybe mix two subjects and photograph reflections in utensils and cutlery?



  • Time
    • This could be images of clocks, watches, etc., or images of things that symbolise time.



  • a 365/52 project
    • This is a firm favourite for a project. If you’re feeling efficient, or if you have time on your hands, take a photo a day and post it on your blog. If you’re busy, why not start a ’52’ project instead and decide to post one image per week? If you don’t have a blog yet, you can get one for free at blogger, tumblr, or, etc.



The only limit is from your imagination, so decide on a project and rejuvenate your love for photography. Henri Cartier-Bresson said, ‘Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.’ …… Start working you way to number 10,001 today!!

If there’s anything you’d like to add to this list, drop it in the comments below.

Until next time, Keep on Shooting! 😉