I recently purchased a second-hand FinePix S5700 to replace my old Exilim Z70 compact camera.

The main reasons I went for the S5700, are; firstly it was comparatively cheap for a super-zoom camera, it also boasts a 38-380 mm (35mm equivalent) lens and has all the normal exposure modes, including manual. But my favourite part is the camera’s ability to take both ‘macro’ and ‘super-macro’ shots with the flick of a switch!.

It’s a great little unit, with pretty-much everything you need in a carry-around camera …providing you don’t want to shoot RAW, or focus quickly.

I call it a carry-around camera because it’s far to big for a shirt, or trouser pocket, and you’ll probably struggle to get it into, or more importantly, out of, a jacket pocket in a hurry.

Still, those few issues aside, it takes fantastic images, with very little practice.

Lily Macro 01
Lily Macro 02
£2 coin-macro
£ coin-supermacro

The image above was taken with the camera set to ‘Super-Macro’ mode, and the end of the lens was 10mm from the coin!!