This photo was again taken with the FinePix S5700 ‘Super Zoom’ camera.

The main reason for displaying this image on the blog, was really just to demonstrate the rich colouration and sharpness this camera provides straight out-of-the-box. The only change made to this image was to reduce the size.

When the camera is set to it’s maximum resolution it produces a 7 megapixel JPEG image which is 3072×2304 pixels.

For this shot the settings were:

* Shutter Speed: 1/210 sec
* Focal Length: 6.3mm (38mm FF equivalent)
* Aperture: F3.5
* ISO: 200
* Camera Mode: Super Macro
* Exposure Bias: None

You can see a bigger version by clicking here.

If you have the FinePix S5700, there is Podcast available on iTunes by Robb Nunn (@ScaleSpeeder on twitter), which explains some of the basics. You can find it here.