Christmas is very nearly here and for those of you who have a budding photographer in your life, or if indeed you are new to photography and you’re looking for something inexpensive to start you off, then here a few ideas.

1) Radio Flash Triggers. These 4 Channel PT-04 Wireless Flash Trigger Control Set with 2 x Receivers are about £25.oo from Amazon, for a generic set of one transmitter and two receivers. they are ideal if you’re using old flashes with manual adjustments, like the kind of thing you can pick up at a boot market for a couple of quid!

If your looking for something that ‘just works‘, then you’ll need to buy triggers that are specific for your camera and flash.

eg: for Canon you could get this Wireless Shutter Remote Control & Wireless Flash Trigger . Or, if you shoot with Nikon, You could get a similar product here.

2) What about a nice pair of Professional Studio Photo Light/Lighting/Lamp Stand Stands.

3) OK, now you have your stands, complete with radio controlled flashes. To soften the light and give that professional ‘look‘ to your portraits, you’re going to need a couple of shoot-through Umbrellas.

4) Once you’ve got your light stands your umberella and your radio triggers, the only thing left is a 5 -in- 1 Photographic Light Reflector.

5) And finally, once your set-up is complete, the best way to ensure perfectly exposed images every time, is to use a Flash Meter.

Please remember though, that the items listed here are for illustrative purposes only. I have no direct experience with these particular products and whilst I use products similar to these on a regular basis, I do not endorse these particular ones. Always read customer reviews and if possible, see the items in use somewhere before purchasing.